Topics and Keynote Speakers

Topics and Confirmed Key-note Speakers


Revealing structure from Micro to Macro

  • Dr. Wim Bouwman (Technical University Delft, The Netherlands)
    Food structure from the inside with neutron scattering

Functionality of multicomponent systems

  • Prof. Stefan Kasapis (RMIT, Australia) 
    Molecular interactions, phase behaviour and transport phenomena from a low-solid gel to a high-solid glass

Biopolymer Assembly

  • Prof. Alejandro Marangoni (Guelph University, Canada)
    Ethylcellulose interactions with colloidal particles and its effect on structuring jammed systems

Physical aspects of oral processing

  • Dr. Markus Stieger (Wageningen University, the Netherlands)
    Linking food structure to oral processing behaviour and dynamic texture perception

Engineered Interfaces

  • Prof. Jan Vermant (ETH Zürich, Switzerland)
    Engineering stability through interfacial rheology: where do we stand?