Transport from Schiphol to Wageningen


The nearest airports are Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Eindhoven (the Netherlands), Dusseldorf (Germany) or Dusseldorf Weeze (Germany). All of them are well connected by train or buses, which will bring you to Ede-Wageningen train station. From Ede-Wageningen, you can reach the hotel by public transportation.

Train from airport Schiphol to trainstation Ede-Wageningen

The train from Schiphol leaves every 30 minutes (at :00 and :30) from platform 1-2 direct to train station Ede-Wageningen. The trip will take roughly 1 hour. At :16 and :46 every hour, there is also a train, but then you would have to transfer in Utrecht. The price for a single ride is roughly 15 euro. From the train station, you can reach the hotel either by bus or taxi (10 km).

Bus from train station Ede-Wageningen to Hotel the "Wageningsche Berg"

First, take bus 86 or 88 to Wageningen main bus station. Then transfer to bus 51 or 352 in the direction Arnhem (for bus 86 transfer to 352, for bus 88 transfer to 51).  Leave the bus at the third stop (Wageningsche Berg), and continue on foot. Take a right at the roundabout and then left into the forest. Keep right. After roughly 200 meters you will arrive at the hotel.


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