Food Colloids 2016: Structuring beyond the Colloidal Scale


Food Colloids is a bi-annual conference in the field of physical chemistry of complex foods.

The subject area of the conference is physical chemistry of complex food systems with special emphasis on macromolecules that structure food. The aim is to expand knowledge on how interactions between food components create multi-phase structures on different length scales. Furthermore, the role of food processing and its influence on these interactions and structures shall be addressed. Moreover, it should be discussed how fundamental knowledge of the processes involved can be used to better control existing food systems and to create novel structures with the aim of delivering functionality in the multivarious sense of the word (e.g. nutrition, health, texture and taste).


Scientific International Committee

Prof. Björn Bergenståhl
Dr. Martin Leser
Prof. Brent S. Murray
Dr. Taco Nicolai
Prof. Juan M. Rodriguez Patino
Prof. Miguel A. Cabrerizo Vilchez
Dr. Elke Scholten
Prof. Richard Ipsen
Dr. Reinhard Miller


Local Committee

Dr. Elke Scholten
Dr. Anneke Martin
Dr. Claire Berton-Carabin